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NaDEET is the educational core of Africa’s first International Dark Sky Reserve

Learning and Living

for a Sustainable Future!

The It's Time to...Series

NaDEET has developed a series of learning materials for Namibian school children and adult participants, in order to powerfully demonstrate the imminent necessity of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. The It's Time to... booklet series aims to promote sustainability to a wider audience. These booklets make environmentalism come alive by illustrating solutions to environmental problems typical for Namibia.  We have translated the children's series into local languages.
Educational institutes may apply for five free sample hardcopies. For more copies, see this information sheet and/or contact us.

Publications for all ages

It's time to identify cover

It's Time To Identify *Updated 2015 Highlights*

This identification guide describes a selection of plants and

animals that are commonly seen
at NaDEET in the NamibRand Nature Reserve.




Publications for Adults & Youth

It's Time to be Efficient
This guide aims to help you find low-cost,
practical solutions to living a more
sustainable lifestyle in Namibia.



It's time to work coverIt's Time to Work
This guide provides information about
job opportunities in the "Green Economy".




It's time to solar cook coverIt's Time to Solar Cook
This guide provides step-by-step instructions
on solar cooking and baking.
It also includes simple recipes.




Publications for Children

It's time to change coverIt's Time to Change
This booklet includes information and activities
on sustainable living, desert, energy efficiency and recycling.





It's Time To Grow

These booklet series is distributed to teachers as an environmental learning pack. It includes multiple copies of the books below, memory card games and a teachers book. It is currently available in six languages.

  Animals & Plants  Recycling Sun Water 



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