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June 2021

Marching on with Eldorado Secondary School

The Eldorado Secondary School environmental club started their second term with a visit to NaDEET Centre. They enjoyed the dunes, learned about the night sky and were inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals. The grade 11 learners plan to grow more vegetables in their school garden and to start a soup kitchen at their school.

May 2021

Appreciating Coastal Sunshine

With recent warmer temperatures and days of sunshine, staff at the Urban Sustainability Centre in Swakopmund have welcomed the weather by making use of the solar oven to prepare several baked goods. This is a nice break from the usual Benguela coastal fog. 

April 2021

Reaching out to Erongo Schools

To promote the new 3-day school programme that the Urban Centre is offering, our staff conducted a marketing outreach to schools in our local Erongo region. During a course of two weeks, we visited 25 schools, mainly in the Omaruru educational circuit. Check out the video of our new Urban Centre school programme here

March 2021

Teaming up

After all the remote working due to Covid-19, it was refreshing for our staff to meet up for a team-building weekend at NaDEET Centre. Several days of fun games, planning sessions and outdoor activities the staff workshop brought our spirits high as we look forward to 2021!

February 2021

NaDEET Centre Re-open!

NaDEET Centre is buzzing with life again with our first group of participants for 2021!  Fifteen learners from the Waldorf School Windhoek arrived on Monday evening after briefly getting stuck in a washed out road due to the recent heavy rains. The learners have been waiting to come to NaDEET since April 2020 when their trip was postponed due to COVID-19.  We look forward to welcoming more groups for our programmes this year. 

January 2021

Over 200 trees and rain!

Namibian summer is here and finally after a long drought we have had approximately 50 mm of rain so far. This makes it the perfect time to plant the Camel-thorn saplings that we have been growing throughout this past year in our tree nursery. With the help of two university students, our kitchen, garden and maintenance team have planted over 200 trees over the holidays.

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