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November 2023

University Students Taking Action

Over the past 2 years, five groups of university students from various environmental fields of study have taken part in our tertiary student engagement programme. After a week long sustainability training at NaDEET Centre, student groups were provided with small funds to take their ideas to implement an education and action activity. Most recently the NaDEET team joined the Ogongo Environmental Science students on their action day which included a litter clean up, solar cooking, tree planting and awareness raising activities.

September 2023

It's Time to "Super-Adapt"!

Create your own super-adapted desert creature! This is one of our activities that all primary schoolchildren take part in during the NaDEET Centre programme to apply what they have learned about addressing the challenges of climate change in the desert environment. Here learners from grade 5-7 are sharing their ideas and new creations. 

August 2023

Integrating Environmental Learning in the Curriculum

The Namibian School Curriculum requires teachers to implement environmental learning as a cross-curricular topic in the classroom. This is easy said then done! NaDEET held a workshop with 21 Teach for ESD alumni teachers to share and generate new environmental activity ideas that are suitable to various phase levels and align to the curriculum and the Sustainable Development Goals. We are compiling these ideas into a new guide for teachers on ESD in the Curriculum.

July 2023

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June 2023

Biodiversity in our Garden

Orange River White-eye, Cape Wagtail, Dusky Sunbird.... these are a few of our regular bird visitors that our schoolchildren discover at the Urban Sustainability Centre garden. Through an interactive treasure hunt, schoolchildren learn to identify these birds as well as many different types of local plants. Last step: Colouring-in the biodiversity guide!

May 2023

We had a blast!

"I found the whole experience very interesting, engagin and informative- I had a blast! The importance of EE/ESD in Namibia schools is underestimated. The ideal would be for all schools to be exposed to this programme- the value it adds is just amazing!"- teacher from Ambrosius Amutenya Primary School

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