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Learning and Living

for a Sustainable Future!

Urban Sustainability Centre

The NaDEET Urban Sustainability Centre aims to challenge assumptions about the impact of our lifestyle choices and to offer ideas to finding suitable everyday solutions to environmental problems. As with NaDEET's other projects, the Urban Centre is designed to address problems through low-cost solutions, changing attitudes and our daily actions. The Urban Sustainability Centre is in an old warehouse building which is part of the "Green Centre" courtyard complex close to several main tourism attractions. The town of Swakopmund and its surrounding unique natural habitats are utilised as an “outdoor classroom” through practical, hands-on environmental learning that is fun and relevant to all ages.

An Inside Look at the NaDEET Urban Sustainability Centre

The Centre has several educational hands-on display areas, a small classroom and an environmental library.

Exploring Namibia
A day visitor's experience begins in the Exploring Namibia environmental discovery area. Here a mural depicts Namibia's beautiful environment whilst showing the threats the country faces resulting from human activities and unsustainable development. It also gives a background to the demographics of the country and its position in a global context.





The Eco-House
The Eco-House is designed to be a model house to demonstrate how we can apply sustainable living on a household level in Namibia. Set up as an open plan house it has five main "rooms" including the entrance way, kitchen, living room, laundry and bathroom. By exploring the house, visitors can find environmental tips and conduct activities in the different rooms. Visitors will discover how this “Eco-House family” is practicing energy and water efficiency, using alternative resources and managing the household waste. 
By completing the survey "Measure your Ecological Footprint" visitors can identify how they can improve their own lifestyle habits.


Eco Cafe
The programme participants can now practice what they have learned in the Eco-House in the Eco Cafe. Here healthy meals are made using local products. The programme participants then audit their energy, water and waste.










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