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Teach for ESD

A Teacher Professional Development Programme
Improving Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) teaching and learning experiences in Namibia



What is Teach for ESD?

Teach for ESD is a two-year funded professional development programme for Namibian teachers to build their knowledge, skills and leadership in implementing Education for Sustainable Development in schools. The overall aim is to improve the protection of the environment through education.

Participants: 240 dedicated and passionate teachers. The project is based on teachers working together in teams of two. This will give teachers a head-start in bringing about meaningful change at their school and teaching practices. Ideally teachers are from the same school, but where that is not possible teaching teams of close-by schools are eligible.

Project time frame: 2 years

Trainings and resources:

  • Hands-on ESD Centre-based training at one of NaDEET’s environmental education centres for one week including sustainable living practices such as environmental auditing, solar cooking, water saving, recycling, urban sustainable living and more!
  • ESD Resource Pack including training manuals, booklets, videos and online databases for each participant
  • Follow up training and support throughout implementation including online, site visits and regional meetings and national workshop (depending on COVID restrictions)

Implementation and Evaluation:

  • Teachers work in teams to implement ESD activities and practices in teams at their school(s)
  • Focus on ten different ESD teaching and learning areas using NaDEET toolkit
  • Self, peer and formal evaluation to further improve practice 

Certification: Successful teachers will receive a certificate to recognise his/her professional development (Please note that is programme is non-accredited). Top performing teachers will be awarded throughout with additional exciting networking and educational opportunities.

Main Partners: Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MoEAC) and Bread for the World (BfdW)

Applications are open to all Namibian teachers nationwide who meet the following criteria:

  • Working in any phase (junior primary up to grade 12) at a school registered with the Namibian government
  • Motivated, interested in ESD and passionate about the environment and sustainability
  • Dedicated for two-year programme duration
  • Chosen a teammate from the same school or close-by school
  • Support from the school principal

To apply interested teachers should:

  • Submit the application form together with the required supporting documents to the contact below. Please note that each teacher must submit their own application.
Application Forms

Application should be submitted via online OR via email to:

Deadline for submitting applications: APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants will be notified in April 2021.
For more details contact, 081 367 5310

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