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The Bush Telegraph Series

The Bush Telegraph is a youth magazine that covers a variety of environmental topics relevant to the Namibian context: recent issues include forests, water, climate change, recycling, light pollution, energy and deserts. The readership of the Bush Telegraph is primarily youth between 10-18 years of age as well as teachers, youth officers and environmental educators. Since its original inception, the Bush Telegraph has grown from a readership of 500 to over 20,000 (around half of the readership of the Namibian national newspaper). The Bush Telegraph was produced two times per year up until 2020. Back issues are available at no cost to all Namibians. If you would like to receive the Bush Telegraph free of charge, please contact us with your postal address and number of copies needed.

  "Sustainable Urban Living" 2020 "Are you sticking your neck out for giraffe?" 2018 "Environmental Protection 2016"

"Media for the Environment" (2015)



"Tools for a Sustainable School" (2014) "Community-Be a True Member" (2014) "More than just Food" (2013)
"Environmental Education" (2013) "Deserts" (2012) "Sustainable Energy for all" (2012) "Protect our Night Sky" (2011)
"Forests for People" (2011) "Rethinking Waste" (2010) "Biodiversity" (2010) "Women for a Sustainable Environment" (2009)
"Sanitation" (2009) "The Namibian Coast" (2008) "Climate Change" (2008) "Water is Life!" (2007)
"Sustainable Development" (2005) "Big 5 and Little 5" (2005) "World Ozone Day" (2004) "Kingdom Plantae" (2004)
"Vulture Conservation" (2004) "Energy & Environment" (2003) "Relationships" (2003) "Cycles of Life" (2003)


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