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Dark Sky Reserve
NaDEET is the educational core of Africa’s first International Dark Sky Reserve

Learning and Living

for a Sustainable Future!


The Challenge

Namibia is the driest country in southern Africa with high levels of inequality, which continue to widen. The global climate change crisis and rapid biodiversity loss further exacerbate the existing limited natural resources and complex socio-economic challenges of the country. The major risks to Namibia’s natural resources and sustainable development are multi-dimensional, but are rooted in systemic poverty, an overstretched educational system, and people taking a forgiving environment for granted. Throughout the world, the global environmental crisis is threatening every aspect of our planet. 

Our Response

NaDEET believes that environmental education is a cornerstone for changing course to envision and live for a more sustainable future. The protection of natural areas from large landscapes to urban green spaces are vital to teaching and learning through the environment. NaDEET has provided this opportunity to people of all ages, opening the doors to for thousands of Namibians to enjoy being in the splendour of nature, engaging with environmental problems and solutions, and truly understanding its value. Through our approach to integrating sustainability practices into everything we do; we ensure that our environmental education programmes are truly environmental.

Listen to our Director sharing the NaDEET Story: Using a We Practice what we Teach Approach to Environmental Education



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