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for a Sustainable Future!

Teach for ESD Teacher Training

Centre-based and regional teacher training activities bring together theory and practical experiences, aiming to broaden environmental awareness and foster a strong environmental ethos. Over several training workshops, teachers delve into local and global environmental problems, exploring sustainable solutions and discovering the importance of their role in integrating ESD into their own teaching and becoming a change-maker at school and in their community.

Centre-based Training Workshops

The Teach for ESD training begins at NaDEET’s environmental education centre, NaDEET Centre on the NamibRand Nature Reserve and the Urban Sustainability Centre in Swakopmund. Each training brings together about 20 teachers from various regions with the aim of teaching vital environmental knowledge and ESD theory.

“Training was amazingly wonderful, I learned things that I was not aware of like solar cooking.” 

“The ESD Training is very important and I learned so much that I can’t wait to get back home and school to put into practice.”

Regional Training Workshops

The Regional Workshops aim to provide further support and networking among teachers by bringing together teachers within a region. It focuses on badge applications and reflection, asking themselves, “how is what I am doing ESD?”. 

“I have gained vast knowledge and we can only teach what we know. So now that I have a better understanding of ESD I can confidently integrate it into my lessons and confidently talk to people about it.”

“I got motivated by other colleagues and learned so much from them.” 


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