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Title: The Influence of Watering Techniques on Evaporation in Arid Environments and Their Effect on Water Sustainability, Southern Namib, Namibia
Author: Jonas Ndeuludila 2018 (Bachelor of Natural Resource Management – Namibia University of Science and Technology) 
Summary of findings: This comparative study between open watering, mulching and top & bottom watering has shown that there is a difference in the evaporation rate. Although there was no sufficient evidence from the study to prove that any of the watering methods is the best to use, the top and bottom is the recommended watering method.


Title: Determining the Biodiversity and Population Size of Nocturnal Small Animals
Author: Patience Mamili 2006 (Nature Conservation Diploma-Polytechnic of Namibia)
Summary of Findings
: Two types of rodents were trapped: a Hairy Footed Dune Gerbil and a Stripped Mouse. Birds and some crickets were also found in the traps.
NB: After the completion of this project, it was determined that the gerbils were not properly identified as both the hairy footed dune gerbil and the hairy footed gerbil occur in the dunes.


Title: Wastewater Recycling: Effect of Re-Usable Wastewater on Tomato Plants 
Author: Simangolwa Sikabala 2005 (Nature Conservation Diploma-Polytechnic of Namibia)
Summary of Findings: Unfortunately, the project could not be completed as the tomato plants did not produce fruit within the four month project period. However, the growth of the plants was not altered by different water quality.


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