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Title: The Investigation and Comparison of the Type, Amount and Possible Source of Litter Along Two Urban Sections of Mixed Sand and Rocky Beach Used for Different Purposes in Swakopmund, Namibia
Natanael Hangula 2018 (Bachelor of Natural Resource Management – Namibia University of Science and Technology)
Summary of findings: The study has shown that there was a significant difference in the amount and type of waste found on the urban sections of the beach. The main source of the waste is humans and this is mainly from when they visit the beaches for recreational purposes. However, weather conditions also effect the accumulation of waste on the beach as people visited the beach more frequently on sunny days compared to foggy and cloudy days.


Title: Recycled firebricks and methods used in firebricks manufacturing
Author: Daniel Inkela Shagama 2010 (Nature Conservation Diploma-Polytechnic of Namibia)
Summary of Findings:  The study follows up on the study of Ruusa Gottlieb and found that tin firebrick makers were the best when big holes were made in the firebricks and normal tap water makes the most effective firebrick. Also, soaking paper for one day will help to save time and produce effective bricks.


Title: Making the most efficient firebrick out of waste paper at NaDEET, as an alternative to firewood cooking
Author: Ruusa Gottlieb 2010 (Nature Conservation Diploma-Polytechnic of Namibia)
Summary of Findings: This study found that firebricks made from newspaper, egg cartons, food wrapping material and some sawdust made the best firebrick when the contents are loosely compressed.


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