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Fuel-Efficient Stove Use

Title: Investigating the Efficiency of Fuel-Efficient Stove Use at NaDEET Centre
Author: Absalom Vilho 2011 (Nature Conservation Diploma-Polytechnic of Namibia)
Summary of Findings: The study concluded that although the Vesto stove was the most fuel efficient, a homemade fuel-efficient stove was the most user friendly and affordable. It was second in fuel-efficiency and therefore the one most recommended for rural Namibians.

Title: The Perception and Acceptance of Alternative Energy Sources for Cooking
Author: Michaella Phemelo 2004 (Nature Conservation Diploma-Polytechnic of Namibia)
Summary of Findings: Rural participants use both electricity and open fires for cooking and would like to change to using alternative energy sources.  Most urban participants use electricity for cooking and have shown interest in using alternative source but most still considered electricity to be much more convenient for them.

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