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Workshop Programme

"NaDEET was a fantastic workshop venue" NaDEET Centre hosts workshops relevant to our aims and objectives. Workshops may be for groups such as membership organisations participating in a full NaDEET programme or the Centre can be a venue for relevant workshops with own programmes. All workshop programmes at NaDEET Centre integrate our core sustainable living practices.

PARTICIPANTS: Any type of workshop that is relevant to the environment such as conservation, environmental education or sustainable living is more than welcome at NaDEET. Some workshops bring their own programme while others request a full NaDEET programme. Workshop organisers are more than welcome to enquire with NaDEET if they would like a programme tailored to a specific topic regarding the environment, environmental education or sustainable living. 

PROGRAMME LENGTH: NaDEET recommends the length of any long workshop to run from a Monday-Friday. Membership organisations are welcome for long weekends. 

WHY NaDEET?: For sustainable living to occur in the workplace, community or home, we must practice it. This should be implemented in the choices that we make. NaDEET provides the unique opportunity to take part in such a learning and living experience. 

SAMPLE ACTIVITIES:  A variety of activities that NaDEET can offer for workshops are: Biodiversity Dune Walk, Alternative Energy, and Energy Efficiency Environmental Auditing. Depending on the interest and aims of the workshop, other activities can be offered. 

“NaDEET with its fabulous surroundings will make you feel special. NaDEET is in a way, a small step back to nature and its beauty, a fusion with the environment and a feeling of harmony. In the middle of the desert with the sun as your best friend, this friend who will take care of you by warming your water for the shower and cooking your food, NaDEET is definitely a special place to be in!”  -Workshop participant from Windhoek. 

ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITING:“Measuring out Enviro Footprint” an environmental audit will take place with every programme. The audit includes: water, energy and waste. Participants’ use of these resources and production of rubbish is monitored throughout the programme. The results of the environmental audit are discussed with the group at the end of the programme. 

SUSTAINABLE LEARNING: By living at NaDEET Centre, workshop participants will be engaged in various sustainable living practices.

• Daily preparation of solar cooked meals gives participants the opportunity to learn more about this carbon-free, cooking method.

• Environmental auditing makes participants aware of their impact on our natural resources. By understanding how much we use and produce, we can begin to reduce our consumption. 

• Bucket showers using solar-heated water gives participants a nice warm shower, while using only 10 litres of water or less. 

COST: Please contact NaDEET regarding the cost of your programme. All workshop programme costs include: programme, food, 3 solar-cooked meals and two tea times/day and accommodation.



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