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Water Activities

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE: Water management is a priority in our dry country because of:

  • Scarcity and uneven distribution
  • Increasing demand for water
  • Decreasing water quality and supply

NaDEET’s Response: At NaDEET Centre, practical lessons are used for children and adults to learn about and implement water saving methods.

Filling Bucket
Boy Using Bucket Shower

Water-saving Facilities

To reduce water wasting in our bathroom facilities, we have no taps that can be opened and left running. Instead there is a tank with limited water which participants can use for the bucket showers, brushing their teeth and washing their face and hands. The Centre has long-drop composting toilets instead of flush toilets.

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Water Use Monitoring

Participants count the group’s water use on a daily basis using water meters and the water tanks. Children gain experience in how to measure their own personal water consumption.

Measuring At Tank

Water-friendly Actions

NaDEET Centre provides a water bottle for each participant to use throughout the programme. Cleaning of the kitchen and dishes is done in small teams to reduce water use and water is reused for the compost.

Measuring At Tank
Recording Water Consumption

What Can You Do At Home

  • Turn off the tap when it is not in use
  • Fix leaking taps and pipes
  • Use a low-water use toilet or put a brick in the toilet cistern
  • Turn off the water during a shower while washing
  • Water your garden in the early morning or evening
  • All of these ideas help to save our precious resource!
Boys Brushing Teeth

Water Activities

Through various activities learners explore the water cycle. Children at NaDEET also study indivdual processes specifically important in a desert environment, such as transpiration.

Boys Brushing Teeth
Boys Brushing Teeth

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