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Waste Activities

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE: The transition from traditional to modern lifestyles and urbanization has led to increased waste.
This is due to a lack of:

  • Waste management education, information and awareness
  • Recycling infrastructure
  • Waste management systems

NaDEET’s Response: We teach children at the Centre how they can reduce waste and recycle material to be used for various purposes.

Making Recycled Bricks

Recycled Paper Fire Bricks

Children create “bricks” from recycled paper. These bricks are then used in the fuel efficient stoves instead of using wood. The stoves are used in the morning to heat hot water for breakfast, before the sun is up.

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Burning Paper
Mashing Paper

Plastic Bag Waste Bins

Recycled waste bins are made from plastic bags by braiding the bags together. The waste bins are then used at NaDEET or brought home by the children.

Tin And Glass Recycling

Children also separate all tin and glass for recycling.

What Can You Do At Home

  • Separate waste to re-use or recycle
  • Make your own waste bins out of plastic shopping bags
  • Find out what kind of recycling is offered in your community and recycle!
  • Talk to community leaders to encourage recycling of tins, glass, paper and plastic
  • Compost food scraps and reuse them in your garden
  • Reuse plastic containers for plants, workshop, kitchen and office supplies
  • Choose to purchase items with fewer packaging materials
  • Bring your own bags for your purchases


Garbage is separated to be recycled or composted. Garbage that cannot be recycled or composted is burned. Compost is used later for fertilizer.


Old containers are re-used for many different purposes, including fork holders and catch and release pitfall traps.

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