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Urban Centre Educator Programme

NaDEET Urban Sustainability Centre provides programmes for educators, most often teachers, but any professionals in the field of education. Our programme is tailor-made to match the background and needs of the educators. The core theme of each programme is integrating the protection of our natural resources into all workplaces, communities and households.

"What we have participated in was not only a workshop but a journey."

PARTICIPANTS: Any type of educator (“training of trainers”) that is looking to build their capacity to integrate environmental education or Education for Sustainable Development into their role. Educator participants can be from various fields such as formal and informal education, community development and nature conservation.

PROGRAMME LENGTH:  3-day programme, Tuesday to Thursday 8:00-17:00 daily. Other weekdays or weekends can be arranged based on availability.

SAMPLE ACTIVITIES: Activities will vary depending on the needs and background of the group. Some sample activities include: the Environmental Crisis; The Global Response and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Ecological Footprint; Enviro Meal; #ESD for 2030.


WHY DO THIS PROGRAMME? For sustainable living to occur in the workplace, community, or home, we must practice it. This programme aims to provide the skills, knowledge, and awareness about our own living habits and how they influence our educational work and its successful outcomes. Educators are viewed as role models by their learners regardless of age or context. Our programmes use a combination of theory and practical exercises to develop a deeper understanding of environmental problems and to learn how to practice different sustainable solutions, which can then be taught but the participant through various types of activities implemented in the classroom, workplace, or community. 



“What a beautiful experience, it was nice to challenge our normal way of teaching and spark new ways of thinking how to teach in this workshop, thank you for everything.” - Teacher


COST: All programme costs include: programme activities and educational materials, a light health break and lunch daily. Depending on funding availability, NaDEET may be able to provide assistance. Please contact us for a quote.





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