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NaDEET is the educational core of Africa’s first International Dark Sky Reserve

Learning and Living

for a Sustainable Future!

School Programmes

"Look what I've found!" Using hands-on practical learning, our school programmes challenge learners to think and live in a more sustainable way.  The setting at NaDEET Centre gives learners the opportunity to practice daily what they learn in the classroom. 


PARTICIPANTS: We welcome both primary and secondary school learners from grades 6-12. The recommended group size is approximately 30-40 learners with 2-3 accompanying adults. 

PROGRAMME LENGTH: To make the learning worthwhile we recommend a 4-day programme. It begins at 2 pm on Monday and ends at 9 am on Friday. We are open from early February to 1 December, including school holidays. 

"Even teachers can have fun at NaDEET!" WHY BRING LEARNERS TO NaDEET?

• Do you and your learners know how to live sustainably? 

• Do your learners know what their impact is on the environment?

• Do you want your learners to be able to put into practice what they learn in your classroom?  

“Thanks to NaDEET I enjoyed possibly the most meaningful week of my life. To 'sustain' is a word that did not come up in my vocabulary. This experience however will change a lot of wrong doings. Our kids learnt a lot and practised what we taught them throughout the grade 6 and 7 syllabi. By doing it, they will remember it.”   Teacher from Rehoboth 


PRIMARY SCHOOL PROGRAMME: Our well established primary school programme engages young learners with the natural environment. It gives them practical experience in living a sustainable lifestyle while promoting teamwork. Sample activities: Solar Cooking Hour, Water saving: Using Bucket Showers, the 5Rs Game, Measuring our Enviro Footprint, Exploring the Namib Desert in a Dune Walk and Catch and Release Trapping. For a sample primary school programme click here. 

Hear what these children thought about their visit to the NaDEET Centre

SECONDARY SCHOOL PROGRAMME: Our secondary school programme promotes critical and creative thinking skills in young adults regarding the environment and their personal impact on it. Through teamwork and leadership, learners gain knowledge and skills in sustainable living. Sample activities: Shop Til You Drop, The Climate Crisis, Biodiversity Exploration, Family-style solar cooking. For a sample secondary school programme click here. 



OUTPUTS: The school programmes focus on four major areas: energy, water, waste and biodiversity. For each, learners can expect to have a better understanding of the topic and how it relates to their lives and communities (see activitiy graphics below). A key output of the NaDEET programme is to build skills in addressing environmental problems through improved teamwork, cooperation and leadership. All NaDEET activities are linked to the Namibian school curriculum. This includes most subjects such as English, Maths, Sciences and Life Skills. 

Biodiversity ActivitiesEnergy ActivitiesWater ActivitiesWaste Activities

COST: NaDEET has an open door policy allowing our programmes to be accessible to all. We ask participants to contribute as much as they can to the total cost. It includes: programme, food, accommodation, educational materials. Please inquire with us for updated costs.



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