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Hear what schoolchildren from Swakopmund  thought of the July 2014 energy efficiency workshop











Hear what schoolchildren from Rehoboth thought about their visit to the NaDEET Centre in June 2014

Watch schoolchildren dance and sing during their time at NaDEET Centre




Witkrans PS visited in August 2011

School children said: "My favourite activity was walking on the dunes because I saw many different things like spiders that make their houses in the ground.  I liked the games we played like dune boarding because it was fun, and learning  how to solar cook because  it doesn't pollute the air. The animal twister game was cool because you had to dot these animal signs and remember the other signs.  It was so much fun.  I liked the activity about air pollution.  I learned that we should not cook on open fires."

Teachers said:  "A real eye-opener in terms of environmental awareness...  In school we teach nature conservation and water and energy conservation which learners only theoretically learn but here at NaDEET we could practically explore them.  At our school we do have a “papkombuis” for the vulnerable children and we struggle a lot to get wood to cooks meals for the learners.  I can now proudly say that now we will put our paper and newspapers to good use by recycling them as firebricks and in this way curb deforestation.  With climate change as a universal challenge, I think this programme is a must for all schools so future leaders of Namibia can develop solutions to minimise the impact of climate change."

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