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NaDEET Urban Sustainability Centre

The NaDEET Urban Sustainability Centre aims to challenge assumptions about the impact of our lifestyle choices and to offer ideas to finding suitable everyday solutions to environmental problems. As with NaDEET's other projects, the Urban Centre is designed to address problems through low-cost solutions, changing attitudes and our daily actions. The Urban Sustainability Centre is in an old warehouse building which is part of the "Green Centre" courtyard complex close to several main tourism attractions. The town of Swakopmund and its surrounding unique natural habitats are utilised as an “outdoor classroom” through practical, hands-on environmental learning that is fun and relevant to all ages.

An Inside Look at the NaDEET Urban Sustainability Centre

The Centre has several educational hands-on display areas, a small classroom and an environmental library.

The Environmental Discovery Area
A day visitor's experience begins in the environmental discovery area. Here a mural depicts Namibia's beautiful environment whilst showing the threats the country faces resulting from human activities and unsustainable development. It also gives a background to the demographics of the country and its position in a global context.


The Eco-House
The Eco-House is designed to be a model house to demonstrate how we can apply sustainable living on a household level in Namibia. Set up as an open plan house it has five main "rooms" including the entrance way, kitchen, living room, laundry and bathroom. By exploring the house, visitors can find environmental tips and conduct activities in the different rooms. Visitors will discover how this “Eco-House family” is practicing energy and water efficiency, using alternative resources and managing the household waste. 
By completing the survey "Measure your Ecological Footprint" visitors can identify how they can improve their own lifestyle habits.
Namibia's Resources Relief Map
A relief map of Namibia shows the country's resources regarding biodiversity, energy and water. There are five large posters linked to the map to provide more background information. Here visitors can find out for example where in the country electricity is produced, where dams are to be found and which areas are protected for conservation.


Visitors on a Semi-guided tour of the centre

Semi-guided educational visit

This new environmental education centre is open to day visitors in the coastal town of Swakopmund. It is ideal for the general public, local Namibians visiting the coast and tourists. The duration of the visit is normally between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Please download our brochure for a map and opening hours. Entrance is free of charge. We welcome donations.

For large groups interested in a short visit, please contact us in advance. For all day and multi-day educational programmes please see details below and contact us for more information.


Environmental Education Programmes at the NaDEET Urban Sustainability Centre

We offer various environmental education programmes for learners, tertiary students, teachers and young urban professionals. All programmes are between 1-5 days.  To make a booking or for more information, please contact us at

 Multi-day programme for school learners
Over the course of three days, learners will engage with the topic of environmental sustainability in an urban context. It will focus on understanding issues such as energy, water and waste through practical investigations. The programme also incoroprate the importance of biodiversity in our urban settings. All programmes are linked to the Namibian school curriculum and provide teachers an opportunity to take their learners out of the traditional classroom whilst fulfilling the lesson plan.

Multi-day programme for educators
Teachers are our main educators, but we also welcome community development officers and other related fields to our programmes. The programme focusses on the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4 of Quality Education and SDG#11 on Urban Sustainability. It aims to equip educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) practices and skills in their own teaching practices and workplaces.

Young Urban Professionals programme
Many young people are interested to take action for the environment, but may not have a platform to discuss ideas and issues. The aim of this programme is to bring together young professionals living in the coastal urban areas who are interested and motivated to discuss the issues around the Sustainable Development Goals.  The programme will take place 1-2 per month after work.

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