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NaDEET – a Key Partner of the UNESCO GAP on ESD

UNESCO Global Action Programme

NaDEET at UnescoThe Global Action Programme (GAP) was introduced in November 2014 at the end of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD 2005-2014) conference held in Nagoya, Japan. Declared in 2003, DESD was aimed at enhancing the role of education in promoting sustainable development. It was spearheaded by UNESCO as the lead agency.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) empowers learners and educators to take informed decisions and responsible action for environmental integrity, economic viability and a just society for present and future generations, while respecting the cultural diversity. NaDEET was one of five African organisations showcased as an “ESD success story” at the DESD in Japan.

The GAP was introduced to contribute to achieving the vision put forward by the DESD by multiplying and scaling up ESD action. To enable focus and stakeholders commitment, the GAP has identified five priority action areas to advance the ESD agenda:

  1. Advancing policy
  2. Transforming learning environments
  3. Building capacity of educators and trainers
  4. Empowering and mobilising youth
  5. Accelerating sustainable solutions at local level


GAP Commitments & Key Partner Networks

Several organisations including NaDEET, pledged commitments in order to contribute to the GAP agenda. Some had the opportunity to present their commitments during the conference in Japan.

Listen to NaDEET’s Director present our GAP commitment at the 2014 World Conference on the UN DESD:

Key stakeholders were invited to be part of the GAP Partner Networks under each of the five priority areas. NaDEET is a member of the priority action area five (accelerating sustainable solutions at local level)


NaDEET wins 2018 UNESCO-Japan Prize on ESD

Together with two other organizations, NaDEET was awarded the 2018 UNESCO Japan on Education for Sustainable Development for outstanding work in the field of ESD. The NaDEET approach and programme at NaDEET Centre on NamibRand Nature Reserve was recognized for its unique way of offering quality education. Embracing environmental awareness, cultural change, sustainable living skills, empowerment and social transformation, the programme is working towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by integrating key sustainable development issues into teaching and learning.


The award  was launched in 2014 within the framework of the Global Action Programme on ESD to recognize organizations that showcase good practices through “Innovative and effective initiatives, practices, approaches, and processes that support implementation of the GAP will be given visibility and shared widely for scaling up.” For which NaDEET’s programme won the award based on the following criteria:


• Transformative education
• Integrated approach
• Innovative practices

Replicable and scalable, with high impact: example for local communities around the world

A regional appreciation event for the award was hosted in Windhoek to celebrate on  a local and regional scale together with ESD stakeholders and previous winners from Africa (See our April 2019 News Story).


Follow the latest developments in Education for Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development.


Global Action Programme (GAP)  Report 

Global partners of the GAP report their progress and benefits for their work from participation in the GAP in this Global Action Programme (GAP) Key Partners' Report


ESD for 2030 is the new global ESD framework that is being prepared to continue from where the GAP has ended. This framework will be fully launched in 2021.





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