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NaDEET is the educational core of Africa’s first International Dark Sky Reserve

Learning and Living

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Biodiversity Activities

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE: Namibia has a unique biodiversity, which is at risk because of:

  • A lack of awareness and understanding
  • Habitat loss and pollution

NaDEET’s Response: At NaDEET Centre, children and adults explore the rich biodiversity of the Namib Desert. They learn about the adaptations of different animals and plants in this extreme environment and adopt these in their own living practices.

Nature Walks

Participants explore the inhabitants of the Namib Desert on a morning dune walk. They encounter various plant and animal species such as the Smelly Shepherd’s Tree, White Lady Spider and Tok Tokkie Beetles.

Dune Walk
Investigating Ostrich Grass
Sun Spider
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Trapping & Identification

Two kinds of traps are set out in the evening to catch nocturnal small mammals, insects, arachnids and reptiles. In the morning participants identify what they have caught and investigate the adaptations before releasing the animals again.

What Can You Do At Home

  • Become interested in your local animal and plant life.
  • Learn more about how animals and plants are adapted for survival.
  • Respect all living beings and acknowlege their importance in the ecosystem.
Trapping Beatles
Identifiying Beatles
Worm Drawing


Participants explore plant and animal adaptations by creating artwork. Primary school children invent their own ‘Super Adapted Desert Animals’. Secondary school children make posters to illustrate the different commonly found biodiversity classes – mammals, plants, insects, arachnids, birds and reptiles – in the Namib.

Oryx Drawing

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